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Teens and kids


We can adapt our rooms for children. The Boat Trip can be played by children from 6th grade. Beforehand, they receive some extra information about puzzles they will encounter. It is not easy so they will have to do their best. Of course we help as much as possible ;). The Gold Mine is dark and exciting, so it also depends a bit on the group of children how they deal with it. We therefore recommend the Gold Mine at least from secondary school and adapt the room for them.

Escape Room Zandvoort

Are the rooms suitable for high school students?

Our experience is that high school students really like the rooms and just as difficult/easy as adults. Here too, we can adjust the rooms. From the age of 14 we often no longer do this (but of course we can).

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Food and drink

We can arrange everything for you in terms of food and drinks. Except on Saturdays, it is simply too busy this day.

Escape Room Zandvoort

Are small children allowed in the escape room?

If you want to bring children into the room and the children are younger than 12 years old, we recommend The Boat Trip. The other rooms have dark and exciting effects that children may find very scary. The rooms are difficult and not suitable for children under 10 to play. But they may enter our escape room.

City Game Undercover

City Games

The City games are outside and you play together. The puzzles are sometimes difficult for children, but other tasks such as the Augmented Reality questions are often very good for small children. Children can play with the City Games, but keep in mind that the puzzles are made for adults. Teenagers can of course just participate, experience shows that they often don’t like La Casa (with their parents ;)).


If you make a reservation for a group of children or teenagers, please let us know by email. We will adjust the rooms in advance.

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