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The Grand Prix Escape

It’s the last race of the season, the Grand Prix of Zandvoort. In recent weeks, the tension has been rising to unprecedented heights but today is the day it will soon be clear to all just who will be the new World Champion. The stakes are huge! The favorite, “Stick Speiker”, must finish at least 2nd in this race to win the championship.

Escape Room Grand Prix

Do you take up the challenge?

However, there is huge panic on and around the circuit. The threats of a psychopath, which the team of Stick Speiker faced last time, are real. Despite of the doubled security, Sticks formula 1 car has inexplicably disappeared from the circuit. The fear of extortion and sabotage is growing by the hour.

The situation is critical. The car will not only have to be recovered very quickly, but also to appear race-ready at the start.

Escape Room Grand Prix

Saving the Grand Prix?

It is obvious that Sticks team needs urgent help from a bunch of driven sleuths who are able to solve the problems that have arisen. And yes, “logical thinking” instead of “technical knowledge” will possibly be the key to success…

One thing is for sure: the clock is ticking. Only another hour before those famous red lights go out and the start signal is given!

Do you take up the challenge and are you able to solve the crime, find the car and get it race-ready on time for Stick to appear at the start?

2 - 6 players 60 min.

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