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Infiltrate a huge drug network as undercover cops! Find out the location of the next drug shipment. Our game contains a great variety of Augmented Reality based on this topic. We all know them, the men of the fast money. The men driving in nice cars, living big houses and dating beautiful young women. How do they gather all this wealth? Drugs. Therefore, the big question for the police is; Where are these men and where is their next shipment going to be dropped?

City Game Undercover

Augmented Reality City Game

Follow Marco V. throughout the game. A criminal who has flooded the Netherland with drugs and aggression towards his competitors. Your goal is clear: Reveil the identity of Marco and intercept his shipment. When this happens, he will be trapped. Work together in teams and use your iPad and bag of gadgets to find various hints around the city about the location of the stash. Another infiltrator will give you hints about the outcome of the riddles and assignments.

It’s a race against time. If Marco V. finds out you’re looking for his stash, it’s over. Find the location and dismantle Marco V.’s empire.

City Game Undercover

For groups, families, bachelor parties and company activities

Undercover is played outside with multiple teams or play in 1 team. You go undercover and will have the possibility to use an Ipad and bag with gadgets. You need these gadgets to solve everything. The mission lasts approximately 2 hours. If you are with more than 8 players, you can play against each other in multiple teams (but you don’t have to). Book now.

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