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Get ready for a breathtaking journey in our Escape Rooms in Zandvoort

2 - 6 players 60 min.

The Grand Prix

It’s the last race of the season, the Grand Prix of Zandvoort. In recent weeks, the tension has been rising to unprecedented heights but today is the day it will soon be clear to all just who will be the new World Champion. The stakes are huge! The favorite, “Stick Speiker”, must finish at least 2nd in this race to win the championship.

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2 - 4 players 60 min.

The Boat Trip

Jacob van Dijk has been a fisherman his whole life. The last time he went to sea on his fishing boat, “The Black Seagull”, the weather conditions were awful.

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2 - 6 players 60 min.

The Gold Mine

Do you take up the challenge to find the truth about the old, abandoned gold mine and are you capable of leaving in time and safely?

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