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The City Games

Are played outdoors

If you are with more than 32 people, you can also opt for our City Games. These games take place outdoors. Walk in Zandvoort and along the beach. Play the City Game ‘From Russia with Love’, ‘Casa de Papel’ or ‘Undercover’! The city games last 2 hours, longer or shorter is possible. You go out with your own team, an Ipad and a bag or suitcase with gadgets. Follow the best route and solve the puzzles and questions. Would you rather play the Escape Rooms? That is also possible. You can play our room up to 32 people. Please contact us for the possibilities.

4 tot 100 personen 120 minuten

From Russia with Love

The entire western world is in shock! Russian counterspy Skripal was poisoned on British soil. A spy who wanted to unveil the darkest secrets to the world! Search for the secret codes left behind by Skripal and find out what the Russian government is up to before it is too late. But be careful! You can’t trust anyone.

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4 - 100 players 120 minutes


Infiltrate a huge drug network as undercover cops! Find out the location of the next drug shipment. Our game contains a great variety of Augmented Reality based on this topic. We all know them, the men of the fast money. The men driving in nice cars, living big houses and dating beautiful young women. How do they gather all this wealth? Drugs. Therefore, the big question for the police is; Where are these men and where is their next shipment going to be dropped?

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4 - 100 players 120 minutes

La Casa de Dinero

El Professor says everything revolves around cooperation. Together, we form one team. Together, we make a plan. Together, we execute the plan and together we will enjoy the win! The City Game brings out the best in the team, but the worst may come out as well…the riddles and puzzles force everyone to work together. Use Augmented Reality and cool gadgets. Find secret doors, virtual safes and the secret Enigma Machine.

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Clare Newstead

Amazing time doing the 'Grand Prix' - one of the most physically interactive escape rooms we've done! Great staff too! Definitely recommend.

Anja Grabowsky

Ein tolles Erlebnis und sehr nette Angestellte.


Een hele leuke escape room met heel leuk personeel. Ik ben naar ongeveer 10 escape rooms geweest, maar deze was erg bijzonder (de boot), je kan alleen niet zeeziek zijn😅

Thijs Merkx

Zelf de kamer van de boot gedaan hij zat goed in elkaar. 1 ding werkte niet hellemaal soepel maar na de 3de keer proberen werkte het wel. De kamer had veel verschillende soorten leuke puzzels. Hij was niet al te moeilijk (hebben al een hoop escape room gedaan dus de ervaring daar van kan zekker helpen). All met al leuke escaperoom en zeker een aanrader. Zullen in de toekomst vast nog terug komen voor de andere kamers!