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From Russia with Love

The entire western world is in shock! Russian counterspy Skripal was poisoned on British soil. A spy who wanted to unveil the darkest secrets to the world! Search for the secret codes left behind by Skripal and find out what the Russian government is up to before it is too late. But be careful! You can’t trust anyone.

City Game From Russia with Love

Solve the secret

Everything depends on your work as spies, work well together, use a suitcase full of cool gadgets, and solve the secret!

City Game From Russia with Love

For groups, families, bachelor parties and company outings

From Russia with love you play outside with multiple teams or with 1 team. The mission takes approximately 2 hours. If you are more than 8 players, you can play against each other in multiple teams (but you don’t have to).

With several teams, an additional element of the competition is added. Sabotage, cheat and fight against each other to eventually become the very best spy team in the world.

The puzzles are difficult. Children from the age of 12 can play along. Are you a large group or would you like to play longer or shorter? Then contact us for a customized offer

* Augmented reality is adding virtual objects or environments in the real world. The best known game that uses this is Pokemon Go.

4 tot 100 personen 120 minuten

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