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The Gold Mine

Deep in the darkest Amazon region, barely accessible to man, there is a closed gold mine hidden away for almost 200 years. After years of trials and tribulations, the archaeologist Indy Johnsson has finally managed to get permission from the Brazilian government to reopen the gold mine.

Escape Room Gold Mine

The gold mine escape room

Indy has always been convinced that the many myths that circulate about the mine are not invented and that the mine still hides much gold after the partial collapse in 1824. Although, according to the locals, the mine remains surrounded by strange, dark and inexplicable forces, the gold rush continues to progress rapidly.

Escape Room Gold Mine

Flaws, suprises and dangers

Indy must act now! What he seeks is a team of adventurous miners that dare to descend deep into the dilapidated gold mine to find out if the stories about the undiscovered, hidden treasures are actually true. But beware, the old mine has many flaws, surprises and dangers..!

Do you take up the challenge to find the truth about the old, abandoned gold mine and are you capable of leaving in time and safely?

2 - 6 players 60 min.

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