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The Boat Trip

Jacob van Dijk has been a fisherman his whole life. he last time he went to sea on his fishing boat, “The Black Seagull”, the weather conditions were awful.
A sudden wave tossed the boat, made him lose his balance and left him floundering on the deck in pain.

Escape Room Boat Trip

Help Jacob

Jacob felt like things could not get much worse when he realized he had broken his leg. As well as being in great pain he was distraught to think that he would not be going on any fishing trips for some time. What will he do now? He must find a way to get food on the table… “The Black Seagull” needs to get back on the open seas as soon as possible so Jacob realizes he has no other choice but to quickly find capable sea men and/or women who are willing to help him with this unfortunate unforeseen situation.

Escape Room Boat Trip

Are you up for the challenge?

Although the weather forecasts appear favorable for this time of year, the North Sea remains unpredictable. Nothing is as changeable as the weather… A sudden storm can change a calm sea in short time into a swirling mass of deep, dark water and wild waves! For now Jacob can only assume that this will not happen. He has to assume the journey will be safe…

Do you take up the challenge and are you capable to guide “The Black Seagull” safely and in time back to the port of IJmuiden?

2 - 4 players 60 min.

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